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An expression of love to another with no expectation of anything in return



One of the most powerful signs to the KAIROS participants is PRAYER AGAPE that is offered during the weekend. Names of persons praying are placed on a PRAYER SCROLL that is posted in the Community Room during the weekend, so that the participants know that people are praying for them. Please indicate any times that you might be able to pray for the participants. The PRAYER SCROLL has blanks from Noon on Thursday to 6 PM on Sunday. Your commitment would be to merely hold the weekend and its participants in prayer during the times you choose.

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We need many, many (1000) dozen homemade cookies.

They are a gift that creates an environment in which God’s love can work.

Cookies should be firm so they do not frill apart or crumble when handled, 2 - 4 inches across, and made from recipes like chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal or chocolate drop. Nuts, raisins and choc chips are okay in the cookies, but not on top. Please no sugar, sprinkles or frosting on top, and no pan bars such as brownies or lemon squares. These rules are imposed by prison officials to prevent the concealing of illegal items inside or on top, and to eliminate the raw materials that are used to make alcohol.

Cookies should be packaged one (1) dozen to a quart size plastic, zip lock bag.

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Hands, traced on colored paper and cut out, are strung together, fingers pointing down, and posted on the walls of the Community Room. They encircle the participants and signify a reaching out in love. We need lots and lots of these hands, especially children’s hands. Do not put stickers or “paste-ons” on the hands. Prison officials fear illegal substances may be concealed underneath.
Make a “hand” by drawing the outline of your hand on a piece of colored construction paper. Write a brief one sentence expression of love within the outline and sign your first name only. Do not write upside down. Remember, the hands will be hung fingers pointing down.

Examples of expressions of love:

“Jesus loves you, so do I”
A favorite scripture passage.
Any prayerful, joyful expression of love.

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Hand made posters and pictures that express either the theme of the weekend or some other uplifting spiritual message are hung around the Community Room during the weekend. Do not put stickers or “paste-ons” on the posters or pictures. Prison officials fear illegal substances may be concealed underneath.

These posters and pictures convey a powerful message of love and caring from the people outside.





We ask that each team member write a letter to each of the participants. Additional letters would be greatly appreciated.

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The ministry of KAIROS depends strongly on financial donations to cover expenses for each weekend. Team members are asked to help cover expenses each weekend, but additional operational costs require addtional assistance.

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