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Kairos Mission California State Prison, Sacramento Kairos Mission


State Kairos Name Change

In the last couple months

Golden State Kairos

has been renamed to

Kairos of California


Web Services Change

Kairos of California has purchased web services and will soon host all council pages.

We will have some control over a minimum amount of presentation.

Stay tuned for more information and conversion dates.

Women's Kairos Inside at Folsom

Kairos of California has asked our Advisory Council to look into getting a program started at Folsom Women's Facility in the Folsom Prison Complex of prisons.

Talk it up, ladies. Let's get this going!

Staff conversations are in progress.
Pray for the inmates and staff at FWF

(check out the information page)

CSP-Sac Kairos 20

Leader: Bob Falco
Proposed dates: October 5-8, 2017


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CSP 19

Weekend Statistics

39 Inmate Candidates

10 inmate servents

39 free men went inside

Our Closing Ceremony had
30 Guests

15 Outside Team

Instructional Weekend Statistics

39 Inmate Attendees

6 Inmate Servers

15 free men went inside

MaryAnn and Jack did outside service


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